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Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Service

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Stump Grinding Services for the Charlotte and Concord Area

Stump N Grind is the best choice for stump grinding and small tree removal services in the Concord and Charlotte region.

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Stumped Over What to Do with a Stump?

Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding communities are blessed with beautiful trees. However, sometimes it’s necessary to remove one. They may have become diseased, or present a danger. When the tree is removed, you’re left with a stump.

The tree is gone, but what do you do with the stump? Thankfully, stump removal is an answer. We offer a professional stump grinding and stump removal in Charlotte. As a stump grinding service, we offer stump grinding, small tree removal, mulching, and grass replanting.

As a stump grinder Charlotte business, we provide services to surrounding communities such as stump grinding Concord as well. Our stump grinding Charlotte service will also tackle small tree removal. Now let’s talk about some aspects of stump grinding and stump removal in Charlotte.

Does the Stump Need to Be Removed?

Removing the stump left from a tree removal is the decision of the customer. Often, there isn’t a viable option. Visualizing how large of a visual impact a stump will leave after the tree is gone is difficult.

When the choice is to grind away the stump, you are left with a fresh site for new turf or an array of landscaping options. By choosing the stump grinding Concord option, you also ensure that the tree will not haphazardly send up wild sprouts.

Grinding down the stump to prevent re-sprouting is possibly the biggest reason to hire a service. Grinding away the old stump will prevent you from having to trim suckers throughout the summer. Each sucker also creates another headache when new grass has been planted.

None of these wild suckers has a good chance of offering a healthy tree either. Some consider letting the best new sprouts grow, but invariably all that this choice produces is a headache and eventually another small tree removal.

Grind or Remove, What’s Best?

When it’s necessary to remove a tree, there is going to be a stump and the underground root system. What is the best choice between stump grinding and removing the stump? There isn’t always a clear advantage to the complete removal process. Let’s talk about the difference between stump grinding and stump removal.

Of course, the stump is the visible part most homeowners are concerned about. However, the root system of a tree, especially larger ones, often has spread as wide as or wider than the overall canopy of what we see above ground.

Excavating up the stump, including a huge, central taproot, is an extremely involved project. Even removing the stump and the immediate root system, large roots within a few feet of its center, is going to require a great deal of digging.

Unearthing the vast majority of the roots still remaining underground is simply not practical. There are instances where removing the stump is necessary, but let’s consider a less the invasive procedure of stump grinding.

Stump grinding Charlotte is the process in which the remaining stump from a tree removal is erased from the visual landscape. Stump grinding does not require excavating the entire root system. It is a far less invasive process than complete removal.

Total stump removal will often require heavy equipment to lift the stump and roots. Using a stump grinder Charlotte service requires on a single piece of machinery to complete the process. Stump grinding Concord is a simple solution to any leftover stump.

Our professional stump grinding service can grind the stump down to ground level, or any height requested by the customer. The grinding process can go up to 12-inches below ground level, or leave a flat platform to function as an ornamental plant stand.

Therefore, stump grinding gives the customer options. We also provide mulching and replanting of grass services. The depth of the stump grinding will be set exactly for what the customer desires as a finished product.

A deep grind allows for nutrient rich fill dirt to cover the area. This will mean new grass fast, or it can be used as a fertile spot for flowers or shrubs. Certain tree species allow the grindings left over from the stump to be used to supplement the soil.

This is not required, as the old stump grindings can be hauled away and fresh new mulch applied. Mixing the mulched stump with fertile topsoil provides an outstanding medium for lush turf.

How Stump Grinding Works

A stump grinder is a powerful machine. The machine looks like a large lawnmower engine with a huge grinding system attached in the front. A professional stump grinder rolls the machine on top of the stump and grinds it to the desired depth.

The powerful rotating blades on the stump grinder gradually chew away at the stump. The teeth on the stump grinder blades cut the wood into small pieces. There is a manageable pile of mulch-like chips leftover.

These can be hauled away, used as mulching over the area, or moved to another part of the property. A stump grinder Charlotte can be rented. However, these machines are usually small and lightweight.

Frequently, these machines will not handle the project. The customer is left with a rental fee, plus the stump is still there. Since estimates are free from our stump grinding Charlotte service, it pays to get advice from a professional first.

Stump’s Gone, What’s Next?

Many customers avoid getting a stump ground away for fear of what happens next. Once the stump is gone, our stump grinding service is equipped to finish the job. We provide mulch or grass replanting of the area.

There is nothing worse than contracting for a tree to be removed, or a stump ground down, but having an unsightly hole left behind. Our service is committed to finishing the project to the customer’s specifications, including hauling away debris, planting new grass or adding fresh mulch.

Frequently Asked Stump Grinding Questions

Q: Are the estimates really free?

A: Yes. Our company will come to your property, inspect the job, and then provide you with a free estimate for the entire project to completion. Estimates are always free.

Q: Are estimates available over the phone on via email?

A: No. A number of factors determine the price of the project. Our professional staff need to visibly inspect the site, the surrounding area, and determine what type of tree. We need to assess factors such as power lines, streets and driveways, plus other variables that cannot be accurately determined without seeing the project site firsthand.

Q: Must the customer be at home when the work is being done.

A: No. The customer can elect to be home during the entire project, but it is not required. Our company is licensed and insured. Many of our jobs are completed when the customer is unable to be home.

Q: How long will the job take?

A: Offering a precise time schedule isn’t possible until we see the project and assess the project site. However, many stump grinding and tree removal jobs can be completed in one day.

Q: Is stump grinding less expensive during certain times of the year.

A: Yes. There are times during the winter where the schedule is more open. During these less-peak periods, we can occasionally offer a customer discount. Other factors such as no leaves on certain tree species and hardened ground can actually make the process go faster.

Q: Will bad weather slow down a job?

A: Our stump grinders can work during virtually any weather condition. Only when conditions become unsafe for our team of trained professionals, will weather problems delay a job.

Q: Do stump grinding companies have to be licensed and insured?

A: Local licensing is required for any tree service in the Charlotte area. Our company, including our trained professional staff, is fully licensed and insured.

Stumped over what to do with a stump or an unwanted tree? Worried that stumps can be a safety hazard, plus a general eyesore to your property? Want to avoid the bug problems that can arise from not removing a stump?

We provide free estimates to help you make the right decision. We are a professional stump grinding and stump removal in Charlotte. Customers in the surrounding communities of Concord and Salisbury are equally welcome to give us a call. 

Stop worrying about what to do with an existing stump or one that is going to need addressed after you cut down a tree. Our services include cutting down most small trees and grinding away the stumps.

We offer mulching and grass replanting as well. Stumped over what do about a stump? Give us a call, we have the answer. When we’re finished, you’ll never know that an unsightly stump ever existed.